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Track Sponsorship

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Why Do A Track Sponsorship?

Track Sponsorships are a great opportunity to truly maximize visibility for your brand. Most Track Sponsorships involve year-round signage and have great potential for TV exposure during Race Days. Track Sponsorships also offer a great opportunity for you to be involved in face-to-face interactions with customers or end users.

Tracks Sponsorship Example

Track Sponsorship Options

Race track entitlement Sponsor icon

Race Entitlement

Race Entitlements give you the naming rights of a race. Welcome to the “Brand Name 400”. The branding potential in a Race Entitlement is astounding. TV announcements, tickets printed with your logo, signage around the track, space in the Fan Zones around the track, and so much more. A Race Entitlement is a comprehensive sponsorship that requires a lot of planning, but when done correctly, gives a tremendous amount of visibility. Entitlements offer hospitality, opportunities to make valuable business connections and so much more!! Understanding and implementing all of the assets of an entitlement are key to getting the full value.

Race Track Signage Icon

Track Signage

Track Signage provides you with an impressive amount of exposure on Race Day, and the potential for a good amount of TV exposure as well. Most Track Signage deals are done annually, and many of the tracks have more events than just racing. Track Signage offers you a lot of visibility to not only race attendees, but to anyone attending a track event year-round. Many tracks host concerts and other special events, so posting signage is a great opportunity to offer your brand year-round visibility.

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Fan Zone

Fan Zones are packed at racetracks. When fans attend races, they often make it an all-day event and spend time strolling around the track, interacting with booths, and checking out products. This offers you a unique opportunity to interact and engage with customers. Fan Zones can be used to collect customer information, sample products, or to sell products in many cases. Showcasing your product for thousands of fans to touch and feel while you are collecting contact information and live feedback is a great value for any brand.

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Official Partner

Becoming an Official Partner of a track can be a very smart branding play! It offers brand visibility, brand loyalty, a large amount of customer data, and a huge opportunity for B2B (business to business) relationship building. Tracks work with many local and national companies, and generally have great relationships with them. Tracks will often offer an opportunity for you to not only present your products to their patrons, but to their partners as well.

Slide comprehensive
comprehensive This is the most comprehensive sponsorship available! From naming rights of the entire race, to controlling who waves the green flag, Race Entitlement is the most effective way to quickly put your brand everywhere. Race Entitlements place you in victory lane with the race winner, all over TV, and in front of thousands of partners and millions of fans, all with a single sponsorship. Managing and planning this event is crucial, but when done correctly, the value is enormous! Entitlement Sponsorship Example Race Entitlement

Slide Annual
Track Signage Year-round value! Track Signage has a lasting power for your brand, and while it’s certainly visible on Race Day, it’s up all year for all events at the track. Tracks host special events and provide tours to potential partners all year, offering an opportunity for your brand to be seen by consumers year-round. Impressions truly matter, so having multiple impressions visible to a captive audience offers a huge value when it comes to being remembered. Track Signage Texas Motor Speedway Annual

Slide Face to Face
Face Meet the people! Nothings tops face-to-face opportunities with your customers. Fan Zones are an interactive experience for fans, and a huge opportunity for you to engage with them. This is a great way to receive immediate feedback on new products, host giveaways, collect consumer data, and so much more. Create an entertaining experience for fans in the Fan Zone at the track and your product will surely be remembered! Fan Zone Site Fan Zone

Slide Relationships
Official Partner The Official “X of X Motor Speedway” – that is a line that customers are becoming accustomed to hearing! This is for good reason as it adds validation. Being the Official Partner of a major event or location instantly provides brand loyalty to patrons of the event, and often prevents your competition from even being relevant in comparison. This is a fantastic way to at least get customers to try your brand when they are attending, and hopefully gain their loyalty and business. The marketing value as an Official Partner travels well beyond just the track. You can utilize this on other ad campaigns for your brand, while the track will use it in their marketing efforts as well. Official Partner Big Frig Tumblers Relationships

Track Sponsorship Options

  • comprehensive Race Entitlement
  • $ 20k & up
    • Max Visibility
    • Naming Rights
    • B2B Relations
    • VIP Treatment
  • Annual Track Signage
  • $ 5K & up
    • Year round
    • All Events
    • Frequency
    • TV Visibility
  • Face to Face Fan Zone
  • $ 1.5K & up
    • Interactive
    • Engagement
    • Data Collection
    • Direct Sales
  • Relationships Official Partner
  • $ or trade
    • Value in Barter
    • Marketing Tool
    • Brand Validation
    • B2B Relations


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