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RaceDay Hospitality

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What Is RaceDay Hospitality?

RaceDay Hospitality is the Experience of the Race. Whether in the suites, the infield, the campgrounds, or the stands there is no experience like what Racing has to offer. Utilizing RaceDay Hospitality to entertain clients, customers or even employees can go further for your Brand than you ever imagined!

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RaceDay Hospitality Options

vip hospitality

VIP Hospitality

VIP Hospitality gives you and your associates the royal treatment during a RaceDay. Watch a Race from the suites towering above the track, an infield suite, or even the Pitbox! Get VIP treatment from the track and show your guests the time of their lives. Arrange meals, drinks, special appearances, and so much more. A VIP Hospitality during a Race is something you and your guests will never forget.

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Camping Hospitality

Camping Hospitality is a great way to entertain guests. Hospitality Camping locations vary from race track to race track but the value remains the same no matter where you go. Whether your camping location is in the infield of Daytona International Speedway or the back stretch of Texas Motor Speedway you are sure to enjoy the view and the comradery. Camping Hospitality is an affordable way to entertain a large group of guests and share an amazing experience with them.

Infield Activation Icon

Infield Activations

Infield Activations can be done separately but often are part of Car Sponsorships or Hospitality. This allows you and guests to get down on the track prerace, walk through the pits and garage areas, and interact with drivers and teams as they practice and prepare for RaceDay. Infield Activations are what set Racing apart from all other professional sports. The experience of sitting on a pitbox for a pit stop, or standing on the track for a National Anthem are experiences that you and your guests will never forget!

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Meet & Greets

Meet and Greets can be arranged with teams, driver and legends of Racing. Meet and Greets can be done in person or virtually but this is a great opportunity for you to have your guests meet and engage with their favorite drivers, or team members. Another reason racing is so much different than other sports. The access to drivers, owners, crew members is readily available if you have the right contacts. Whether you are do a Car Sponsorship, Track Sponsorship, RaceDay Hospitality Meet and Greets are a great way to give your guests something to tell all their friends and families about!

Slide Astonish
Astonish VIP Hospitality is exactly what you would expect – VIP treatment like you have never experienced before! This can take place in private to open air suites around the tracks. VIP Hospitality is the ultimate way to work on the ROI in racing. Your guests are there having the time of their lives, while you can meet other like-minded company to grow your business! VIP Hospitality is the ultimate experience for you and all your guests. If you want to make a lasting impression on individuals, look no further. VIP Bristol Suite VIP Hospitality

Slide Party
Camping Hospitality Are you looking to experience something truly memorable, build on current relationships, and create new ones all at the same time? Camping Hospitality is the perfect plan! Coupled with Infield Activations, Camping Hospitality gives you a chance to be at the track 24 hours a day, and a place to call your own. With lodging included for the weekend, Camping Hospitality has a large value for a very reasonable price – and your guests will love the party! Cook out or have catering delivered right to your campsite, take a break from the heat to relax in the A/C inside your camper, and more. With Camping Hospitality, the possibilities are endless! RaceDay Hospitality Camper Party

Slide Experience
Experience Infield Activations are the experience that no one can ever forget. The best part is, Infield Activation is often coupled with many of the different sponsorships. Hot Passes are often mentioned in Car Sponsorships and Track Sponsorships, as well as being a huge part of Infield Activations. Unique access is what truly sets racing apart from other professional sports, and Infield Activations are how you can take full advantage of it! Have cars being rolled out mere feet away from you, watch a fly-over from the pits, or even snap pictures of your favorite drivers as they prepare for the race. If you want to get people talking about the experience that they had with your brand at a race, make sure that you take full advantage of Infield Activations! Race Track Infield Activation

Slide Memories
Meet & Greet Everyone enjoys meeting someone famous! Whether that is meeting up-and-coming NASCAR Driver Richard Petty, or a local hero, the experience is always the same. Drivers are athletes to their fans, and the experience of meeting them is genuinely exciting for many. Meet & Greets are generally included in sponsorship packages but are certainly available as one-offs. Photos from Meet & Greets are shared across Social Media, and while they offer an amazing experience for individuals, they also offer a giant branding opportunity for your brand. Regardless of if it is part of your sponsorship package, or just a one-off event, take full advantage of what a Meet & Greet has to offer! The King Memories

RaceDay Hospitality Options

  • Astonish Hospitality Suites
  • $ 5K & up
    • Viewing Suites
    • Infield Access
    • Lasting Impression
    • Unforgettable
  • Party Hospitality Camping
  • $ 1K & up
    • Access
    • Lodging included
    • Affordable
    • Party atmosphere
  • Experience Infield Activations
  • $ 100
    • Amazing Access
    • Driver Access
    • Experience
    • Memories
  • Memories Meet & Greets
  • $ Inclusive
    • Branding
    • Fulfilling
    • Celebrity
    • Personality


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Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Satuday: 10am to 2pm
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