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Why Sponsor A Car?

The unique value of sponsoring a race car lies in bolstering the connection between consumer and brand, which ultimately leads to better return on investments of brand objectives. This can include brand recognition, image, preference, and more.

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Car Sponsorship Options

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Primary Sponsorship

Primary Sponsors are the paramount of racing sponsorships. With a Primary Sponsorship, your brand is featured on most of the racecar. A full Primary Sponsorship will generally place your branding on the hood, both quarter panels, the roof, and the deck lid. A Primary Sponsorship can vary greatly in cost depending on the Race Series, and the position the car generally runs in. With a Primary Sponsorship, your brand becomes the car, giving you the image of ownership. When you want to make a big splash, whether for a single race or an entire season, Primary Sponsorships are the “Taj Mahal” of car sponsorships!

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Partial Primary Sponsorship

A Partial Primary Sponsorship usually involves your brand being featured on the hood or on both quarter panels of a racecar. In many cases, a Partial Primary Sponsorship is where the Primary Sponsorship is split between multiple brands. This can be to stretch budgets over a longer period of races, or often between brands that wish to co-brand. Quite often, brands will split a racecar with their suppliers, retailers, customers, or non-profits that they are doing business with.

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Associate Sponsorship

Associate Sponsorships are generally smaller logos behind or in front of the tires. These logos can also appear on the areas connecting the roof to the cars, often referred to as “B or C Posts”. Associate Sponsor spots are often filled with brands that have Primary Sponsorships throughout the year, but in many cases these spots are not all filled. While the exposure is reduced, Associate Sponsorships are a very affordable way to be involved in racing. This allows the use of imagery of the car on and off the track and takes advantage of the sport in your own marketing efforts. Associate sponsorships on cars that are coupled with Race Day Hospitalities create a great way to maximize your results in Racing Sponsorships.

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Supporting Sponsorship

Supporting Sponsorships are a very budget friendly way to be involved. A Supporting Sponsorship can be anything from purchasing a logo on a driver’s suit, to simply having a logo or hero cards on a team’s website. Supporting Sponsorships are generally used to help teams with travel expenses, or just overall costs. This style of sponsorship is much more focused on being able to help the team, and to have the right to use images throughout the year in a brand’s other marketing efforts. Being a part of racing brings great value, and Supporting Sponsorships are a great way to dip a toe in the water of racing without too much risk.

Slide Paramount
Paramount Your brand front and center! A Primary Sponsorship on a racecar will give you the maximum exposure for on car placement. In multi-race contracts, you can also have pit boxes, driver suits, team suits, and more – all branded with your brand. While costs can vary greatly, you may just be surprised at the marketing value that you can receive by being the Primary Sponsor of a car at any level! Primary Sponsorship Car Primary Sponsor

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Partial Primary Sponsor Partial Primary Sponsorships are a great way to maximize exposure while being budget focused. Many companies feel as though stretching their budget over more races, with a little less overall exposure per race, is of a great value. Imagine the branding possibilities if companies’ co-brand a racecar together! Tying multiple brands together helps consumers who are loyal to a brand spread their loyalty to additional brands, retailers, and even suppliers. Partaking in partial or split primary’s is an effective way of doing this while stretching the budget of both brands. Partial-primpary Sponsor Prudent

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Perpetual In many cases, Associate Sponsorships are visible on the car for a large number of races. While the location and the real estate of the brand logo on the car is reduced, the number of appearances is much higher for the same budget. Associate Sponsorships are extremely valuable when you are looking to feature racing as a portion of your own marketing plans and want to stretch your budget throughout an entire season. Race Car Logos Associate Sponsor

Slide Auxiliary Supporting Sponsor Supporting Sponsorships are extremely budget friendly and customizable. Each car has different opportunities for Supporting Sponsorships that often allow teams and brands to get creative in what the sponsorships have to offer. Racing can be a fantastic addition to your marketing plans! If you are just looking to sample and test the value of sponsorship, being a Supporting Sponsor is an incredible way to start. Regardless of the budget, there is often a spot for a Supporting Sponsorship. Supporting Sponsorship Auxiliary

Car Sponsorship Options

  • Paramount Primary
  • $ 15K & up
    • Full Car Wrap
    • Design Control
    • Maximum Exposure
    • Huge Recognition
  • Prudent Partial
  • $ 7.5K & up
    • Hood or Quarters
    • Great Exposure
    • Budget Stretching
    • Co-Branding
  • Perpetual Associate
  • $ 1.5K & up
    • Behind Tire or Posts
    • Longevity
    • Brand Recognition
    • Budget Friendly
  • Auxillary Supporting
  • $ 500 & up
    • Suit, B-Post, Hauler
    • Customizable
    • Exploratory
    • Perception


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