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Driver Endorsement

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Driver Endorsement

Why Work With A Driver?

Drivers have a very loyal following, and generally a lot of social reach. Getting an endorsement from a driver is certainly a fantastic way to put your brand in front of new people and bring instant validation to your brand.

Kyle Weatherman Driver Endorsement

Driver Endorsement Options

Racecar Driver Endorsement


Drivers draw crowds! Fans, customers, and people in general love meeting someone famous at any level. Whether it is a local hero or a professional NASCAR driver, fans show up to meet the guy behind the wheel. Make your events stand out with an appearance from the driver that you work with! Wolfpack Racing can arrange these events for you.

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Social Media

Reach and impressions are the name of the game in social media branding. Many drivers have tens of thousands of social followers and can put your brand right in front of them. Drivers can endorse your products, share your special events or sales, and can do it at very affordable rates! Wolfpack Racing can make the connection and assist in managing the content posted.

Racecar sponsorship helmet


Have a special event that you need marketed? Using a driver to announce the event through TV, radio, and social media instantly gets your event or product out to consumers. PSAs are an affordable way to test the waters and see what working with a driver can do for your brand. At Wolfpack Racing, we are happy to coordinate these events and to help make sure that your message is received!

Slide Engagement
Engage Draw a crowd! Fans of drivers are always looking for opportunities to meet them, so why not have your brand involved? Driver appearances are being utilized by businesses around the country for special events, grand openings, and much more. Get the maximum value from your partnership by having a driver draw a crowd for you! RaceDay Meet and Greet Appearances

Slide Reach
Social Media Taking social media influencers to a whole new level! Racecar Drivers are highly active on Social Media and have been trained to soft-sell products since they ran their first race. Imagine what a few posts or videos that reach hundreds of thousands of loyal fans could do for your brand. The drivers we work with have large social followings across all platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok! Social Media Icons Reach

Slide Advocacy
Advocacy Raise awareness by using a driver to make a Personal Service Announcement for you. Personal Service Announcements are happening every day and I’m sure you have seen many that stand out in your mind. Effective PSAs need to be memorable to ensure that they grab attention. What better way to grab attention than using a driver to make that announcement for you? Reach more people, increase engagement, and become a memorable brand by using a driver to do your Personal Service Announcements! Ward Sponsorship PSAs Personal Service Announcements

Driver Endorsement Options

  • Engagement Apperances
  • $ 500 & Up
    • Race Track Appearances
    • Special Events
    • Grand Openings
    • Boost Company Moral
  • Reach Social Media
  • $ 300 & up
    • Large Reach
    • Brand Validity
    • Multiple Platforms
    • Content Creation
  • Advocacy PSA
  • $ 200 & up
    • Drive Awareness
    • Memorable
    • Professional
    • Effective


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