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Why a NASCAR Xfinity Series Race Sponsorship Package with Wolfpack Racing Is Perfect for Your Business

NASCAR remains one of the most sponsor-friendly business opportunities in sports due to the loyalty that fans show to their favorite drivers. You can join the race sponsorships world through the NASCAR Xfinity Series – one step below the NASCAR Cup Series.

Xfinity races are broadcast on national television and garner upwards of a million viewers for events. Many Xfinity races take place the day before a Cup Series race and feature some of the same drivers. If you’re looking for star power, you’ve got it. Racers are also very active on social media. Many dedicated followers will sample a product to support their favorite racer or team, just with an endorsement.

Wolfpack Racing can partner up with your business to enter the world of racing at a national level. Whether it’s on a car, at the track, or just maintaining a digital presence, being a member of the Wolfpack can help maximize your sponsorship dollars if you find that race sponsorship is right for you.

Race Car or Team Sponsorship

You have several options to sponsor a race team, ranging from a supporting sponsorship (logo on a driver’s suit or team website) to get your feet wet all the way to a primary sponsorship, which places your logo front and center on the car, team hauler, and more.

Driver Endorsement

As part of the blue-collar nature of the sport, drivers have always been close with their fans. Interactions on social media are no exception!, Take advantage of this unique relationship by investing in a driver endorsement through Wolfpack Racing.

Track Sponsorship or Raceday Hospitality

If you’re a local business looking to make a splash, there’s no better way to interact with people in your area than by investing in a track sponsorship package. This could be something as small as signage at the speedway or as all-encompassing as race entitlement. Race sponsorship ensures that your business has a constant presence on the television broadcast, printed on tickets, merchandise, and more.

Raceday hospitality can be a suite sponsorship, an infield or “fan zone” type of experience, or even a special area to host VIPs. You can utilize these areas to gain business exposure and even hand out marketing swag to them.

Start Your Engines in the World of Racing With Wolfpack Racing

Want to learn more about race sponsorship in the NASCAR Xfinity Series? Contact the Wolfpack Racing team today and let us put our experience and connections to work for you!


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