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Should I become a NASCAR Main Sponsor?

Why Become a NASCAR Main Sponsor? It’s All About Relationships

In no sport other than NASCAR can a company’s brand become synonymous with a sport or an athlete; perhaps with the exception of Michael Jordan and Nike. Throughout the years, it’s easy to link the names and the brands of any NASCAR Main Sponsor. Richard Petty and STP; Dale Earnhardt with Wrangler and General Motors; Jeff Gordon with DuPont; Jimmie Johnson with Lowe’s; Kyle Busch with M&M’s; Martin Truex Jr. with Bass Pro Shops. The list goes on and on, making NASCAR one of the best marketing investments out there.

NASCAR Main Sponsor carSponsor Relationships Are Key

Becoming a NASCAR main sponsor is all about cultivating relationships, and at Wolfpack Racing, we can be the bridge between you—the sponsor—and the driver and race team, making sure you’re getting the best return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Different Types of Sponsor Relationships

Wolfpack Racing focuses on three different areas of sponsor relations.

  • Driver Relationships. In NASCAR, the driver becomes an extension of your brand. He’s wearing your logo on his fire suit, caps, and even T-shirts that fans can buy. The driver also represents you off the track, appearing in advertisements, maintaining a social media presence, and even holding meet-and-greets with your employees and clients.
  • Team Relationships. Every member of the race team, from the pit crew to ownership, will be doing all they can to work with you and maintain the best working relationship possible. Unique opportunities also include “show cars”—replicas of the racecar with your logo on it—appearing at your place of business as well as events you may sponsor in your local area or nationally.
  • Track Relationships. If you prefer not to tie your dollars into a race team where performance can affect the amount of exposure, partnering up with a speedway can give you solid recognition from tens of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home. This is a great option for local businesses. Track signage is good all year round, even at non-racing events (concerts, for example) that are held at speedways.

NASCAR Main Sponsor Packages are available through Wolfpack Racing, so getting your foot in the door of the racing world is easier than ever before—join the Pack today!