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Nascar Sponsorship Tiers

What are the NASCAR Sponsorship Tiers?

NASCAR is an expensive sport to operate, and it relies on sponsors to help defray the costs. In return, sponsors receive exposure and in some cases, other perks to help them promote their companies and brands.

This promotion can be well worth the cost since NASCAR fans are exceptionally loyal to the sport’s sponsors. They’re far more likely to support sponsors than fans of other professional leagues like MLB or NBA. In addition, the sport has an increasingly diverse fan base, so a sponsorship can appeal to a broad audience.

Companies can choose from four NASCAR Sponsorship Tiers:

Primary Sponsorship

The Primary Sponsorship provides the most visibility of the NASCAR Sponsorship Tiers. Primary Sponsorships feature your brand on most of the racecar, including the hood, roof, quarter panels, and deck lid. This can closely link your brand with the car for a single race or for an entire race series.

Partial Primary Sponsorship

Partial Primary Sponsorships feature your brand on either the hood or on both quarter panels of a racecar. It’s often used when two or more brands want to share a Primary Sponsorship, which allows them to either co-sponsor and/or maximize their budgets so their brands are featured for multiple races.

Associate Sponsorship

Associate Sponsorships feature your brand with smaller logos near the tires, or on the B or C pillars. This offers less exposure than Primary or Partial Primary Sponsorships, but it’s a much more affordable way to tie your brand to racing and to a particular car. You’ll be able to use imagery of the car and of racing in your marketing and can easily pair this sponsorship with Race Day Hospitalities to give you more visibility.

Supporting Sponsorship

Supporting Sponsorships are the most economical way to involve your company with racing. They allow you to put your logo on, for example, a driver’s suit, or to have your logo displayed on a team’s website. You’ll be able to help the team defray expenses while entering the world of racing sponsorships in a limited way that appeals to many companies and budgets.

Wolfpack Racing can help you determine which of the NASCAR Sponsorship Tiers is right for your company’s needs and budget and help you become a sponsor for any of the NASCAR Series.


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