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The Benefits of A NASCAR Sponsorship: Exposing Your Brand!

How Can You Reap the Benefits of a NASCAR Sponsorship?

So, you see the cars with brand logos and custom race suits – but what are the actual benefits of a NASCAR sponsorship? NASCAR sponsorships are one of the most powerful tools of marketing in the sports world. Sponsoring NASCAR drivers and teams are a great opportunity to expand and brand. Our driver and his team provide several opportunities to assist you in getting the greatest return on investment from your sponsorship.

Are you still wondering how a NASCAR sponsorship can help you market your brand? Here are several of the benefits of a NASCAR sponsorship that you can reap with Wolfpack Racing.


NASCAR has over 75 million fans! These are the same fans that are known as the most brand-loyal fans in the sporting world. NASCAR has more than 20 of the highest-attended sporting events in America. NASCAR fans are three times as likely to purchase or try products or services that their favorite driver or team sponsors.

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Brand Exposure

NASCAR is ranks nationally in ratings as the second highest broadcasted sport – right behind the NFL! On a larger scale, races are broadcast internationally in more than 150 countries. When it comes to what you gain in benefits of a NASCAR sponsorship, your company will be seen by millions. Sponsors of NASCAR teams gain some serious exposure through the placement of their logo on uniforms, the race car, team haulers, and pit boxes. Regardless of if it’s on TV, live at the track, or even in print, your brand gains unbeatable exposure. Actively participating in the events of the NASCAR Series throughout the season significant leg up in exposing your brand.

Advertising and Promotion

When it comes to promoting your brand and advertising, there is no set limit to how many benefits of a NASCAR sponsorship you can gain. From sweepstakes and public appearances to licensing opportunities and victory lane, the Wolfpack Racing team is an asset in promoting your brand and leveling up in the market.

Victory Lane

One of the most sought-after benefits of a NASCAR sponsorship, Victory Lane, is a treat for everyone. With your driver or team winning the race, you will gain both prestige and valuable exposure for your

 brand! All while everyone involved soaks up the praise in Victory Lane.


NASCAR drivers are one of the most accessible athletes you will find in sports. They appreciate what their sponsors do for them and want to give back! Whether this is making an appearance at a site that you choose, or being a part of your race day celebrations, they can be there. The drivers are well known for making a great impression on customers, employees, and the public in general. Drivers are one of the more important benefits of a NASCAR sponsorship. Having a highly regarded piece, such as a driver, is a great way to put your brand into a positive light.

Wolfpack Has Your Best Interest In Mind

Wolfpack Racing wants to help you reap the rewards and benefits of a NASCAR Sponsorship! Contact us with any inquiries about how to start. Let us protect, maximize, and enhance the value of your investments.


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