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Axe Crossbows at Pocono Green 225

Wolfpack Racing Report – Pocono Green 225 Recycled by JP Mascaro & Sons – Sunday June 27th, 2021

Sunday, June 27th, 2021


Race 16 of 33: Pocono Green 225 Recycled by JP Mascaro & Sons

Track Specs: 2.5 Tri-Oval

Race Winner: Austin Cindric

Weatherman’s Finish: 26th


Axe Crossbows returned this past weekend for the running of the Pocono Green 225 at Pocono RacewayWeatherman would roll the Axe Crossbows #47 Chevrolet Camaro off the grid in 30th position.  Weatherman would have a strong run all day but would have mechanical issues in the closing laps.


Stage One Finish: 21st

Rolling off 30th, Weatherman would jump elbows up on the week and quickly move up to 18th place settling in for the tricky triangle.  The yellow flag would come out on lap 12 as the #26 and #92 would come together causing the #92 to slam into the outside wall.  Weatherman would report to his team an overall decent handling car but would pick up a tight condition when getting back to the gas on the corner exit.  To maintain track position, it was determined to stay out with just 7 laps left in the stage upon the restart.  Weatherman would fall a couple of spots due to the corner exit issues he reported earlier to the team, finishing the stage with a 21st place finish.

Pocono Axe Crossbows CarStage Two Finish: 23rd

Weatherman would bring the Axe Crossbows Chevrolet down to the attention of the Mike Harmon Racing pit crew, getting four fresh Goodyears and adjustments.  On lap 25 the field would take the green flag starting Stage 2 of the Pocono Green 225.  A lap later Weatherman would show his outstanding reflexes and car control when the #11 and #8 came together off turn 1 onto the long pond straight away turning the #11 down the track.  The #11 would spin back up the track directly in front of the #47 Axe Crossbows Chevrolet only missing the #11 by inches, due to Weatherman’s quick actions.  The #11 would collect the #6 as it continued across the track, both cars suffering catastrophic damage ending both driver’s days, and bringing out the red flag.  Upon the restart Weatherman reported the car was better but would also snap loose under acceleration.  The caution flag would fly once again on lap 36, when the #20 car would spin hitting the outside wall as he was trying to make a pass on the #7.  Weatherman would come down pit road for service and restart 29th.  He would drive the Axe Crossbows Camaro to a 23rd place finish in the second stage.

Final Stage Finish: 26th

Weatherman would stay out as he had just pitted 3 laps before the stage finish and would restart 14th for the final stage.  Dropping back to 19th on the restart Weatherman would drive back up to 17th maintaining that position until the start of green flag pitstops.  Weatherman would hold off until lap 70 to bring the #47 Axe Crossbow Camaro down for two tires and fuel to finish out the race.  He would come out 19th after the pit cycle with speed to pick up a few more spots.  With 3 laps to go Weatherman would key up the radio and report an out of fuel situation causing him to come down pit road for additional fuel.  Weatherman would take the checkered flag in 26th position and would again run out of fuel coming out of turn 3, causing the team to determine there was an issue with either the fuel pickup or the refilling system.

“We had another great run, but again a mechanical failure caused us to not have the finish to back it up.  We have been working extremely hard to make our cars faster and to avoid these issues, but we just haven’t found all the gremlins yet,” said Weatherman. “We just have to continue to work hard and do what we can to minimize these issues.  I’m proud of this team and what we have accomplished and know that we will continue to improve.  It was great having Axe Crossbows back on and look forward to having them on over the next several weeks.”


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