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Steps to Building a NASCAR Sponsorship Deal

Getting into sponsoring NASCAR can seem overwhelming. Whether you are looking to sponsor a race, a car or an entire track, Wolfpack Racing is there for you every step of the way. When you break it down, the process of building a NASCAR sponsorship deal is simple, if you are working with the right people. A NASCAR sponsorship deal should make a positive impact for your brand and that’s exactly what our system at Wolfpack Racing does.

Client Consultation

The first step to building a NASCAR sponsorship deal is consulting with the client. During this discovery process, we determine multiple things. We establish the goals of the partnership and ROI expectations of the client, NASCAR, and WPR. We will then work within the budget that the client provides and determine with the client if a team, driver, track, sanctioning body or any promotional combination works best for their strategies and goals.

Find a Proper Fit

The next step in building a NASCAR sponsorship deal is finding a proper fit for the potential partnership, based on the client’s budgets and goals. We get to work and identify the appropriate partners. Budget and asset negotiations begin with the potential partner or partners. Once we have a partner and plan, we go back to the client to finalize the budget, plan, and assets. Then, when the client approves, we write up a contact and the parties sign.

Assist with Plan

The final step to building a NASCAR sponsorship deal is activating and implementing the plan. At Wolfpack Racing, we work with the team and client to write and release a press release about the sponsorship. Along with this, we share about the NASCAR sponsorship on social media platforms, like our Facebook and Instagram. Also, we help when it comes to the day of the race. Whether that’s in the fan zone, hosting clients or employees, or hanging up signs. We are here to make the NASCAR sponsorship smooth and enjoyable! After the sponsorship, we send the clients data and reports to see ROI.

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