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How You Can Become a Car Sponsor in NASCAR Through Wolfpack Racing

At its peak, using NASCAR sponsors on cars are transformative for a driver, its team, and the sponsor alike. A prime example is Interstate Batteries.  Check out the tale of how a once-small company like Interstate Batteries came to become the primary sponsor of Super Bowl-winning football coach Joe Gibbs’ race team, which was just starting out in the sport. A little over a year later, the team won the Daytona 500, a Cup Series championship, and the brand became a household name, especially among NASCAR fans.

Of course, you don’t have to jump in the deep end by becoming a primary sponsor on a NASCAR Cup Series car. Wolfpack Racing can lead you through the various ways you can enter the sport of auto racing and reap its many benefits.

Primary Sponsorship

This is what we referred to above. Your brand is on the hood of the car for every race in the series you choose, along with the rear quarter panels, deck lid, and driver fire suit, along with signage on pit road and on the team’s hauler.

Partial Primary Sponsorship

A more recent occurrence in NASCAR is a partial primary sponsorship. It’s when a team splits the primary sponsorship among two or more teams throughout the course of the season. It’s great for sponsors who want top recognition but might have a smaller budget. You can also capitalize on certain markets or regions where a race takes place.

Associate Sponsorship

Teams that partake in partial primary sponsorships might do an associate sponsorship for the rest of the season, or they can do a standalone associate sponsorship. This places a smaller logo on the car and driver’s fire suit. You can pair this with race day hospitalities or driver meet-and-greets to maximize your exposure.

Supporting Sponsorship

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of NASCAR sponsors on cars, try a supporting sponsorship. This will get you a small logo on the car or the driver’s fire suit. You can also get exposure on the team’s website; as well as the right to use the driver or racecar’s images in your promotional products.

Packages at all of these levels for any budget are available through Wolfpack Racing, so getting your foot in the door of the racing world is easier than ever before—join the Pack today!


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