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Shift Your Business Into High Gear With a NASCAR Hospitality Package Through Wolfpack Racing

Sponsorships in the world of NASCAR racing go far beyond putting your logo on the hood of a racecar or the chest of a driver’s fire suit. There are ample opportunities to feature your brand in creative and unique ways! One of the best ways to do so is through a NASCAR hospitality events.

Race tracks across the country provide several unique opportunities that allow you, your employees, clients, and even fans to hob-nob with some of the sport’s most familiar faces. And due to the size and variety of activities around the track, securing a NASCAR Hospitality package through Wolfpack Racing is easier than you might think and attainable for any marketing budget.

NASCAR Hospitality Daytona Suite ViewVIP Hospitality

VIP Hospitality is the cream of the crop in NASCAR hospitality. As a VIP you will be able to enjoy the race in style from your suite located high above the track. What better way to watch the race than a bird’s eye view of all the action and in climate-controlled comfort. Some tracks also hold VIP hospitality in infield suites and even right behind a team’s pit box. Options including food and beverage catering and special appearances from NASCAR personalities and legends.

Camping Hospitality

This is a great way to accommodate a large group of guests in a setting that’s purely NASCAR! Many larger tracks also have campgrounds in the infield, putting you right in the middle of the action.

Infield Activations

Imagine being on a baseball field during batting practice or chatting feet away from star athletes during warm-ups. That’s probably not going to happen.  However, with a NASCAR hospitality option, you and your guests are right on the track, in the pits, or in the garages during pre-race activities as teams make final preparations for the race.

Meet and Greets

This is another favorite of employees and clients—give them a memory they’ll always remember by setting up a meet-and-greet with a popular driver, NASCAR personality, or legend of the sport. Talk about a great perk!

Packages like these are available by partnering with Wolfpack Racing.  Getting your foot in the door of the racing world is easier than ever—join the Pack today!


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