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iRacing the last great colosseum

iRacing: The Off-Season Entertainment

As the NASCAR season has come to a close, the source of entertainment for fans is gone. To pass time until the next season starts, lots of NASCAR fans turn to iRacing, including our team! Also, NASCAR drivers use iRacing as a form of practice in the off-season, because it is an extremely realistic simulation. But, what is it? Let’s learn more! 

The Basics of iRacing

To begin, iRacing is a subscription-based racing simulator. When you race and improve your score, you can participate in league races against other drivers. iRacing is taken very seriously and has consequences just like racing on a real track. If you crash into the wall and damage your car enough, you will be done racing. Also, if you crash into others, you will be removed from the race and your safety rating will decrease. 

iracing trucks

The Features

iRacing is one of the most realistic simulation racing games. It has many different features and the following are only a few. The simulation features mechanical control over the car. You can see what temperature and pressure your car is while racing. Also, you decide when to pit and change tires. The tracks and cars on iRacing are laser scanned, so they are extremely accurate. The car’s handle as they would on the track and you feel every bump or incline. 

What You Need to Get Started

Start by signing up for an iRacing subscription. The subscription comes with 22 tracks and 15 cars. This is great for getting started and as you become a professional you can purchase more. Try one of our Wolfpack Racing Car Schemes next time you race! You will also need a computer, steering wheel, and pedals. Depending on your budget, purchase a simple setup to start, but as you race more you will want to upgrade. Check out these products for your iRacing setup.


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