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How Social Media can increase the ROI of a NASCAR Sponsorship

How Social Media can Increase the ROI of a NASCAR Sponsorship

Social Media can increase the ROI of a NASCAR Sponsorship in multiple ways. From creating loyalty to increasing brand awareness and reach, social media can help your NASCAR Sponsorship payoff. A sponsorship is a large investment, which is a big deal. So, we understand you want to see a return on your investment. Using social media can increase the ROI of a NASCAR sponsorship. Let’s break down how.

The Car, Driver, and Team on Social Media

Choosing a car, driver, or team with a large social media following is the first step. Most drivers have a huge fan base and have millions of followers across social media platforms. The larger their audience is, the larger your ROI. Also, if the team or driver is active on multiple social media platforms, like Tik Tok, Facebook, and Twitter, it will increase your ROI.


Marketing on Social Media 

Increasing your ROI on a NASCAR sponsorship is just like marketing on social media, but you use the car, driver, or teams platforms. Your brand will be exposed repetitively throughout the sponsorship. Sometimes, if the driver has a large following, content involving your brand can go viral on social media. This will cause ongoing exposure long after the race is over. Also, your brand will reach an increased amount of users. The driver can directly connect with the fans and target market on social media.


Brand Loyalty on Social Media 

Lastly, you can create brand loyalty using social media to increase the ROI of a NASCAR sponsorship. When a team posts on social media their sponsors and products, fans react loyally. They want to see their team succeed, so they support those who support them.

Making a plan with a driver or team is a big part of this process. If you are interested in using social media alongside a NASCAR Sponsorship, contact us! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time sponsor or a seasoned professional. We would love to show you the benefits first hand.


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