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How expensive is NASCAR Car sponsorship

How Expensive is a NASCAR Car Sponsorship?

You may be interested in becoming a sponsor, but your first question will be, how expensive is a NASCAR car sponsorship? What will this take from my budget? What can I expect for ROI? In NASCAR, there are many different levels of car sponsorship. What’s great about this, is that it gives varying budgets different opportunities to be a part of one of the greatest professional sports around!

At Wolfpack Racing we will help you determine which sponsorship level is the best for your budget. Based on the information you provide us, we can answer the question — How expensive is a NASCAR car sponsorship? Along with the cost, we will provide you with the details and breakdown of what your NASCAR car sponsorship consists of. The actual cost of the NASCAR car sponsorship is individualized to fit each company’s needs. For example, sometimes a Primary Sponsorship may cost X dollars for Team Jane Doe because they are a popular driver, whereas a Primary Sponsorship on Team John Doe costs less because that’s a smaller, lower-budget team or a team in a different series. Because of that, actual pricing is determined after fully evaluating what your company is looking for in a NASCAR car sponsorship as well as how much money you are looking to spend.

Let’s break down the different levels of sponsorship and what they include:

Primary Sponsorship

Primary Sponsors are the paramount NASCAR car sponsorships. A Primary Sponsorship features your brand on a majority of the race car. Branding is generally on the hood, roof, decklid, and both quarter panels. As mentioned above, the cost can vary greatly depending on the race series and the position the car generally runs in. If you want to make a big splash, Primary Sponsorships are the way to go!

Partial Primary Sponsorship

Partial Primary Sponsorships usually involve your brand on the hood or on both quarter panels of the racecar. Oftentimes, multiple brands will share a Partial Primary NASCAR car sponsorship. Brands may want to split a racecar with their suppliers, retailers or customers they are doing business with.

Associate Sponsorship

Associate Sponsorships most often appear as smaller logos behind or in front of the tires. Logos can also appear on the B or C posts on the car. While these smaller spots have less exposure, they are very affordable ways to be active in racing. This also allows the use of imagery of the car on and off the track. By combining Associate NASCAR car sponsorships with race day hospitality can create a wonderful opportunity to maximize your results.


No matter your budget, let Wolfpack Racing help you navigate the question of, how expensive is a NASCAR car sponsorship? Our incredible team of professionals, with years of experience in this industry, will work hard to find the perfect NASCAR car sponsorship to fit your needs!


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