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How does a NASCAR Sponsorship Work?

How Does a NASCAR Sponsorship Work?

Have you ever come across NASCAR on TV and wondered why everything and everyone has a logo on it? Brands budget millions of dollars a year to sponsor teams, drivers, tracks, and the sectioning body, NASCAR. These brands get exposure in front of millions of race fans every weekend. But how does NASCAR sponsorship work?

Racecar Sponsorships

When we first think of NASCAR sponsorships, our mind immediately goes to cars running around the track with elaborate paint jobs; or products and companies adorning every panel. Although the cars are the star, other sponsorships are just as valuable, depending on the companies’ goals and initiatives. Teams and cars, drivers, tracks, and the governing body, NASCAR, are all beneficial sponsorship opportunities.

The Star of the Show

The star of the show has been and always will be the cars running around the track.  The sound, the sparks, the edgy paint all draw your eyes to the large branding across the hood, down the side and on the rear bumper.  This type of sponsorship focuses on branding and building a reputation associated with a team and the sport in general. These sponsorships range from $30k – $500k per race depending on the series, driver, and team.  Sponsorships of these types may include such things as personal appearances, show cars, social and digital media plans, tours, and use of facilities for meetings and events.  This is a great way to create brand awareness and recognition.

Track Partnership

Wanting your brand front and center for hundreds of thousands of captivated fans and attendees, and millions watching around the world to see, may mean a race entitlement is for you.  Your logo on every possible location, your company announced for months, if not years, mentions on tv and radio, and activations throughout the weekend are just the highlights of a track partnership. Getting in front of potential clients and customers is how a NASCAR track sponsorship works!

These are just a small sampling of NASCAR sponsorship opportunities and how they work. From naming rights to car design sponsorships within NASCAR, partnerships are both beneficial and exciting.  From local mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies you see them all along pit road, in the fan zone, on the cars, and on the walls.  Which sponsorship opportunity is right for you?

Check out the steps to building a NASCAR Sponsorship Deal!


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