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What is the difference between the truck, xfinity and cup series in NASCAR

What is the difference between the NASCAR series?

NASCAR has multiple different racing series including, The Cup Series, The Xfinity Series, and The Truck Series. Each series features drivers from different locations, ages, and skill levels. In addition, each series has a predetermined number of races and a different point system. Let’s get a deeper understanding by breaking down the difference between the NASCAR series.

NASCAR Cup Series

The NASCAR Cup Series is the top series of NACAR. The best drivers work their way into the Cup series. In other words, it is the “major league” of NASCAR. Mostly all of the famous NASCAR drivers you know drove in the Cup series. Making 750 horsepower, cup cars can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour. Also, the cars have a 110” wheelbase. The driver’s race in 36 races a season, collecting points, for a chance to end up in the championship. Next, learn more about the NASCAR scoring system here.  

NASCAR Xfinity Series

The NASCAR Xfinity Series is the second series of NASCAR. Most drivers advance from the Truck series to the Xfinity series, then they will move to the Cup series. The Xfinity series is the “minor league” of NASCAR. Also, Xfinity Series cars have a shorter wheelbase than Cup cars at 105”. The cars have a less powerful engine, that produces 850 horsepower. Therefore, they top out at speeds of 180 miles per hour. There are 33 races in the Xfinity Series season.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Finally, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is the third series of NASCAR. It is slightly different than the other series. In the Truck series, drivers race modified trucks instead of cars. In this series, most drivers make their debut. There are a lot of young drivers in the 23 race series. The pickup trucks produce about 750 horsepower and some are capable of going 180 mph.

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